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Date : 14-05-16 17:12
[Catalog] 2014 PHILOS Membrane&Module Catalog
   PHILOS Membrane & Module Brochure(Eng)_20140330.pdf (3.2M) [219] DATE : 2014-05-16 17:12:24
The attachment is 2014 New Catalog [Membrane & Module]. 

  PHILOS provide various Hollow Fiber Membranes, UF/MF HF(Hollow Fiber)Membrane Modules, and Flat Sheet Membranes. Also, PHILOS provides Nitto-Hydranautics's MF/UF/RO/NF module products and especially exlusively sells UF Module(Hydrocap-Max) in Korea. 

  PHILOS provides not only membrane moules but also membrane systems for water treatment and Food/Bio process; Separation/Concentration/Refinment.

  If you have any question after refering to the attachment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  Thank you.