PHILOS Co. Ltd. manufactures and produces different ranges of high-quality membrane modules, which is based on more than 20 years of experience in membrane and water filtration industry. PHILOS is one of the largest providers of membrane for many purposes. We have specialized in Ultrafiltration (UF), Microfiltration (MF), Reverse Osmosis (RO), and Gas Separation (GS). We believe the heart in any membrane filtration process is the membrane itself, and choosing the best membrane for a given process is often a difficult task. Membrane types, plant designs and processing parameters should be carefully matched to meet the desired performance and cost-efficiency of the overall process.

PHILOS have successfully established fully-equipped factory and membrane production line, enhancing more efficient and accurate research and development (R&D) process. We also supply replacement membranes for all plant types. Together with this, we are able to offer the service of a membrane expert to install the membranes and manage the operation of the plant for maximum performance. PHILOS advices our customers about new or alternative membrane types, adjustment of processing and cleaning parameters. We also have skills and years of experience in water treatment, environmental sustainability, food & bio, which assure customers to have what they exactly need. PHILOS has been reaching almost all the areas of membrane & filtration technologies from manufacturing to applications.

We always cooperate with our customers and other business partners on an ongoing basis developing enhanced membrane types, new processes and searching new fields of application. We focus considerable resources on simplifying and streamlining known processes in order to reduce the initial investment and improve both product quality and cost-effectiveness. We have considerable experience in running pilot tests together with our customers, and using the results to precisely dimension a full-scale plant. We have a number of pilot plants ready for sale or rent. Our experiences gained from actual fields help providing robust membrane products and excellent service to customers. PHILOS is highly recognized within the industry by sharing our unique skills and technology with customers.

 Membrane manufacturing/Hollow fiber, Reinforced capillary by braid, Flat sheet membranes

 Membrane modules, filters & filtration equipments and chemicals

 Process design and systems for water, wastewater and specialty separations

 Lab & Pilot equipments for R&D works, evaluation, analysis and feasibility test

 Membrane manufacturing equipments & raw materials

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